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Signature Justice Technology has been developed with everything you need to build your own solution

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All hardware is manufactured in Australia and is delivered in collaboration with system integrators.

Signature Justice Technology
Justice Technology designed and inspired by the visualization of each product's operational essence.

Our aim at Signature Justice Technology is to provide technology solutions for the Justice industry customised to operational needs and positive outcomes.
Our experts in security and safety can provide valuable insights and assistance in relation to static and dynamic security vulnerabilities such as containment, accountability and access management. We are world leaders in innovative advanced technology security systems to improve the safety of Policing, Corrective Services and Youth Justice.
Innovative Advanced Technology

Signature Technology provides AI based surveillance solutions. With a foundation in engineering, we focus on operational safety, security, and situational awareness in the justice environment. All hardware is manufactured in Australia and is delivered in collaboration with system integrators.
Our Products
Our Products

Signature Safe Cell

Automated monitoring of observation cells

Signature i-21

Facial Recognition Drug and Alcohol Unit

Signature Access

Access Biometric Control System

Signature Robo Guard

Drone Perimeter Patrol Guard System

Signature Structured Day

Inmate Security and Accountability System

Signature Vending

Integrated Vending Machine System
Who We Are

Signature Justice Technology provides operational level justice technology solutions. We have experienced solution architects who have many years of experiences in the justice sector. We can provide our technology solutions with leading PhD biometrics and AI scientists. Our unique advantage is our proprietary technologies ranging from a highly accurate and extremely fast biometrics engine to advanced artificial intelligence platform with machine learning technology. Our products target video surveillance, biometric access control, and occupancy monitoring helping justice organisations improve security, safety and efficiency, and optimising operations.
Managing Director
Michael Page